Anniversary is the fourth episode of According to Jim.


Cherl discovers that Jim has been getting her anniversary gifts from Dana.


It’s Jim and Cheryl’s ten year anniversary and, like every year, Jim hasn’t gotten her anything. Instead, this duty falls upon Dana, who has been the supplier of anniversary gifts for years without Cheryl’s knowledge. At work, Dana presents to him the gift he will give Cheryl, a charm bracelet with charms that represent memorable events in their marriage. The only problem is that the bill totals $500, which breaks Jim’s rule that each gift is $15 times each anniversary. However, Jim accepts the gift anyway.

On the night of their anniversary, after a romantic dinner with the family, Andy and the girls present a puppet show detailing the night Jim proposed to Cheryl. After the show, Cheryl presents her gift to him, a massage chair. Jim then gives Cheryl her gift, which she naturally loved. But after going through some of the charms, particularly a traffic light, Cheryl learns that Jim can’t identify some of them and that he didn’t buy it or any other one of her anniversary gifts.

Cheryl is hurt by this revelation because she thought that Jim knew her well enough to get her great gifts and that no matter what he got her, she would love and cherish it. Jim takes that literally and buys a big-screen TV as a present. Cheryl sees through him and teaches him a lesson by hogging the TV on Sunday to watch a “Sex and the City” marathon with her friends and justifying it by claiming that was a gift to her.

But Jim discovers that Cheryl really likes the TV and he finds her still watching it late at night. Jim apologizes for his actions and tells her he’s going to return the TV, something Cheryl doesn’t want. Jim knew that she would like it and goes on to tell her that he knows her well, and while going through a list of things she likes, he recalls the event regarding the traffic light.


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