Cheryl's Old Flame is the seventh episode of "According to Jim"


Cheryl finds out that Jim hasn't stopped riding his motorcycle like he promised while Jim learns that Cheryl too has been keeping a secret. Meanwhile, Andy and Dana go to therapy.


After a hectic day, Cheryl and Jim relax with Chinese food. Andy joins them and tells them that he has been in therapy for a month and that his therapist, Dr. Gamble, thinks it would be helpful if his sisters join him. In the beginning, everything is fine. But then Dana joins them (late) with a shopping bag of shoes she’s just recently bought. Dr. Gamble goes over the time Dana punched him at his 6th birthday party, where she took the piece of cake his mother promised him and gave it to the dog when she couldn’t finish it. Andy feels violated, ignored and discarded while Dana feels attacked and betrayed.

When Jim and Cheryl have a night to themselves, Cheryl is suspicions of the quiet and realizes that Jim has put a TV in the girl’s room. Cheryl thinks that things are beginning to spin out of control due to the fact that the girls are eating junk food, drinking sodas in bed, and probably not even brushing their teeth. Cheryl says that they agreed on certain things when the got married, one of which involved Jim giving up on riding his motorcycle, something he is apparently still doing. This frustrates Cheryl because he promised on the night that Ruby was born that he wouldn’t ride it anymore.

The next morning, Jim takes out the TV and tries to explain to Cheryl why he’s kept the bike, because it’s a big part of his life. Andy and Dana are back in therapy and while Andy tearfully tells another story about his depressing childhood, Dana ignores him and has her focus on a magazine. Andy calls her a self-centered jerk, which puts her in tears.

At home, Cheryl is teaching the girls a song, which inadvertently leads to the revelation that she is still smoking, something she promised to give up. Now that Jim knows this, he takes this as an excuse to ride his motorcycle. Later on, Ruby, who was the one who caught her smoking, is coloring outside. Cheryl joins her and explains that it’s bad and that she isn’t proud of herself.

That night, Jim promises to give up riding the motorcycle but not to get rid of it. At Andy’s next therapy session, Dana comes in and presents him a cake with a flower on it as an apology. But when Andy opens the box and finds that there is no flower, Dana tearfully admits she ate it, which leads to another fight.


Principle Cast-Edit

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  • Randall Arney- Dr. Gamble