Ruby Orenthal

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Last Appearance

Heaven Opposed to Hell


Gracie (Sister) , Kyle (Brother) , Cheryl (Mother) , Jim (Father) , Dana (Auntie) , Andy (Uncle) , Jonathan and Gordon (Brothers) , Maggie (Grand-mother) , Roxanne (Auntie) , Tanner (Cousin) , Ryan (Uncle)

Portrayed by

Taylor Atelian


Gracie (Bestfriend) , Others

Ruby was born on June 27, 1996 and is the older sister of four siblings: Gracie, Kyle, Jonathan and Gordon.


Ruby is the oldest child of Jim and Cheryl. She has brown, shoulder length hair, and small dimples on her face. She is muscular and very beautiful. She is shown to be the leader of her group and teams up with younger sister Gracie to pull tricks on Andy occasionally. When she was young, Ruby showed lots of love to her parents and always believed everything they would say. As she grew older, Ruby started to grow a liking into boys and grown up things most girls her age would do.

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